Issued 12/02/2008

Privacy Policy:

Famiere, Inc. understands the importance of the privacy of its consumers. We only collect information based on what we need that is necessary to complete a transaction or to communicate, and only granted by the consumer(s). In case Famiere's privacy policy changes, it will immediately be updated on our website.

The only collected information that Famiere require is: Name, Address, Telephone number, and Brief Description or Messages. Never would Famiere collect any information in regards to payment methods, such as: credit card numbers, checking accounts and/or routing numbers through Information of such will be properly disposed. All required information shall be stored in a protected database.

Famiere, Inc. may use a consumer's contact information to notify him or her of new products, offers and/or services. If a consumer wish to be opted out of our contact list, they may do so by doing one of the following:

1. Email us at: or

2. Write to us:
Famiere, Inc.
Attn: O.O.R.
2050 S. 10th St.
San Jose, Ca 95112

Finally, Famiere does not share nor compromise any of our consumers' information with any third party at any time. It is Famiere's duty and responsibility to not sell, trade, or in any way offer a consumer's information to any other parties. We, at Famiere, strongly enforces the privacy law and will take legal actions to those who will disobey.